Pathology (Labs)

Pathology (Labs)

Our Unit is equipped with an auto-analyser, immune-analyser and PCR Unit. In addition to
routine biochemical tests, we are a referral centre for diagnosis of Inborn Errors of Metabolism.


  • Therapeutic drug monitoring Blood Gas Analysis
  • Hormone Concentrations in plasma, which are useful in the study of Endocrine disorders
    and other autoimmune disorders

Our Unit is equipped with almost all the automated systems like Vitek 2 compact, BacT/Alert 3D,
FX 40, MIGT for the rapid isolation and identification of pathogenic bacteria, fungi and
mycobacteria. The Microbiology unit is actively involved in various research projects.

Besides the routine microbiological testing, we perform special tests like Anti-Complement
Factor H assay and Endotoxin level detection test (R.O water).


  • Culture and sensitivity of clinical specimens, serological detection of HIV, HBsAg, HCV,
    Anti HBs, Syphilis, and infectious diseases
  • Dengue (Antigen/Antibodies), Leptospira IgM, Rickettsia IgM, Stool for C. difficile toxin
    and antigen, and Latex Agglutination test for bacterial meningitis are some of the special
    facilities provided by the department

Besides the routine haematological work up, we perform special investigations for all cases of
anaemias and coagulation factor assays which are useful in the diagnosis and treatment of
various bleeding and clotting disorders, such as, haemophilia, thrombophilia, thrombocytopenia
and thrombotic disorders.

Other Services

  • Diagnosis of Leukaemia including cytochemistry, (LAP Score, PAS, Peroxidase, NSE
    and markers)
  • Platelet Aggregometer to diagnose rare platelet function defects such as Glanzmann’s
    Thromboasthenia, Bernard Soulier Syndrome and Von Williebrand’s Disease
  • Bone Marrow Aspirations and Biopsies

The Histopathology and Cytology Unit offers complete services for all surgical pathology and
cytology needs. The histopathology services include rapid intra-operative consultations (frozen
sections) and fixed tissue light microscopy, immunohistochemistry, and immunofluorescent

Our surgical pathologists are experts in most sub-specialities including dermatopathology,
hepatobiliary pathology, genito-urinary pathology, neuropathology, lymphoma pathology and
thoracic pathology. The Nephropathology Unit provides diagnostic, therapeutic and prognostic
services for the entire spectrum of renal pathology.

We are also a centre of excellence for Digital Pathology; equipped with facilities for
photography, telepathology and related research.

The Cytology Unit provides preparatory and diagnostic services for all body fluid, smear and
aspiration specimens. The service also provides pathologist-performed FNA (guided as well as
direct) service. Services by liquid based cytology for gynaecology / non-gynaecology samples
are also available.