Patient’s Rights

  • To be treated with respect and dignity
  • To safeguard his / her privacy and confidentiality
  • To seek information about your health
  • To access and get a copy of your medical record
  • To get the same quality of care anywhere in the hospital
  • To seek a second opinion for your health care
  • To refuse treatment at your own risk
  • To know the cost of treatment

Patient's Responsibilities

  • To bring with them all their own medical records at every visit to the hospital
  • To give all information about their health to the attending doctor
  • To follow the treatment advised by the healthcare professionals
  • Not to leave admission area without permission of in-charge
  • To understand that in case he / she leaves against medical advice, it will be at his / her own risk
  • To cooperate with the staff for maintaining the cleanliness and administrative procedures
  • To safeguard his / her valuables brought to the hospital
  • To follow the hospital rules and regulations
  • To pay his / her medical bills promptly on time
  • To treat the hospital staff and his / her fellow patients with respect