Medical Social Work (MSW)

Medical Social Work (MSW) - A Centre Of Excellence

The Department conducts a series of workshops for KEM Hospital staff on relevant topics, such as HIV awareness, attitudes and bio-safety precautions. The goal of these workshops is to sensitize them to HIV infected patients, raise the level of awareness about HIV, and to motivate them to practice universal bio-safety precautions.

We have been instrumental in setting up several support groups for patients and their families:

  • Prerana
    This is a support group for families of cancer afflicted children. We organise group meetings, 7-8 times a year, to discuss problems faced by them, to provide information about the illness and its treatment, and to arrange recreational outings for the children and their family members, reassuring them that they are not alone in their fight against cancer.
  • Ashadeep
    This is a support group for people living with HIV AIDS. True to its name, Ashadeep, the MSW in this support group organises talks and various other programmes for the group, providing them with a positive perspective and keeping them hopeful of leading a near- normal life.
  • Aarambh
    Aarambh, which means beginning, is a support group to rehabilitate hearing impaired children. The goal of the group is to provide early identification of hearing loss and awareness of early intervention programmes.

Visits are made to the patient’s home, school, or place of work when necessary for the patient’s treatment and rehabilitation.

A large population of patients that visit KEM Hospital are from the poor or lower middle strata of society. For them, medical treatment, especially hospitalization is a financial burden. KEM Hospital tries to help in certain cases by giving concessions in the charges and, occasionally, by waiving them altogether. The MSW department tries to help those who cannot afford any charges at all, with medicines and nutrition. Special efforts have to be made to raise funds for major requirements like cardiac surgery, cochlear implants, renal transplants, chemotherapy and treatment in the Intensive Care Units.

Every year the dialysis & transplant coordinator organizes a Donors’ Day to felicitate all the kidney donors who have given their kidneys to their loved ones, thus giving them the gift of life. The program is also used as a platform to spread awareness about organ donation and transplantation and to help motivate other relatives who wish to donate but are afraid to do so. A Certificate of Appreciation is given to each kidney donor.

The purpose of these sessions is to open up channels of communication, build up rapport, involve different levels of staff in the problem solving process and, above all, to motivate the staff to improve patient care.

Social Work students are placed in KEM’s Department of Medical Social Work for their field work training. The MSWs supervise their working and provide necessary guidance.

The Department establishes and maintains contact with social organizations such as the Rotary and Lions Clubs, charitable trusts, industries, schools, etc.

Referrals to outside agencies are made when patients need help not available at KEM Hospital, e.g. to special schools, shelter homes, orphanages, employment centres, agencies for educational support, marital counselling, other hospitals, etc.

  • Ward Rounds
  • Counselling
  • HIV Counselling
  • Antenatal and Postnatal Counselling
  • OPD Support

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