This caters to the treatment of the critically sick infants, who require ventilation (life support) and intravenous feeding. Our Level 3 Neonatal Care is equipped with 9 beds with multi-channel monitors, infusion pumps and ventilation facilities. We have facilities for high frequency ventilation, a highly sophisticated form of artificial respiration in which very sick babies are ventilated at breathing rates of up to 600 breaths per minute, which helps in managing complicated cases needing advanced care.

For infants who require close monitoring and care such as supplemental oxygen for respiratory distress or phototherapy for jaundice. This level of care includes tube feeding and also includes the care of babies recovering from illnesses or post-operative procedures.

2 isolation rooms cater for babies needing strict infection control measures, such as those suffering from severe sepsis.

When a sick child is referred for emergency management, the baby is seen and stabilized in the ER before being shifted into the unit.

Infants and their mothers are given a chance to bond together prior to discharge. We also provide mothers with guidance and help in managing their babies confidently before discharge and provide them coaching in attending to the special needs of their newborn.

All high risk babies undergo developmental follow-up for early identification of developmental problems. The infants are assessed for growth, development, vision and hearing, and fine and gross motor skills to determine if the child is developing normally. These early intervention programs for high-risk infants are backed by excellent rehabilitation support.