The 40 bed Children’s Ward, with its colourful interior and playrooms, is a mother and child
friendly unit with over 2,500 admissions per year, catering to the needs of sick children from all
classes of society.

A modern, state-of-the-art NICU, accredited at Level III-A by the National Neonatology Forum of
India, provides the highest level of care available for critically-ill newborns. Our 50 bedded
facility provides complete neonatal care ranging from routine to advanced, at affordable costs.
The NICU at KEM Hospital has become a referral centre with a large referral base in the state.
We have set a trend and changed the outcome for small premature babies and other high-risk
neonates. Our survival rates are comparable to other top centres in the country, with over 95%
survival over 1000 grams.

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This unit provides expert, comprehensive, multidisciplinary evaluation and management of all
Paediatric gastrointestinal and liver conditions such as, Wilson’s disease, neonatal cholestasis
syndromes, celiac disease and more. We have been providing liver transplant services at
reasonable costs, since 2015.

We have an international reputation as a leader in clinical care, research and fellowship training
in paediatric gastroenterology, hepatology and clinical nutrition.

The Paediatric Nephrology unit is a referral centre for children with renal disorders from in and
around Pune. Indoor services include facilities for acute Peritoneal Dialysis (PD), Continuous
Renal Replacement Therapy (CRRT), haemodialysis, plasma exchange and initiation of
continuous ambulatory PD. We work in tandem with paediatric surgeons for management of
children with urological disorders with special attention to the urinary bladder.

We are one of 3 centres in the country to be recognised by the Diplomate National Board to
initiate a 2-year fellowship program in Paediatric Nephrology.

A modern, comprehensive facility is run for the diagnosis and treatment of all paediatric
hormonal disorders in children, such as growth disorders, thyroid disorders, pubertal disorders,
childhood diabetes (especially Type 1 Diabetes), obesity and other paediatric endocrine

We are supported by state-of-the-art diagnostic facilities, such as an advanced endocrine
pathology laboratory, imaging facilities and other diagnostic modalities.

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This unit offers diagnostic and therapeutic services to all paediatric neurological conditions, both
acute (ex. encephalitis, strokes, GBS) as well as chronic disorders (ex. developmental delay,
neuroregression and neurodegeneration).

Our unit is equipped with up-to-date investigation facilities like neurophysiological tests (EEG,
EMG, NCV and VEP), 3T MRI modality and special blood investigations. All rehabilitative
services, if needed, are provided by the associated Child Development Centre (TDH).

We specialize in the diagnosis, treatment, research and prevention of a wide range of infectious and immunological diseases in children, under one roof. Our team of qualified and experienced experts help children with severe, difficult, recurring, persistent, unusual, or undiagnosed bacterial, fungal, parasitic, and other rare infections.

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The PICU at KEM Hospital, Pune was established in 2000, as a part of the Department of
Paediatrics. Our 10 bedded PICU is a tertiary care centre that receives referrals for a variety of
complex cases. The collaboration and support of many strong super specialities at KEM, such
as gastroenterology, rheumatology, nephrology, endocrinology, cardiology, pulmonology,
neurosurgery, neurology and infectious disease, provides us the ability to deal with a wide
spectrum of cases.

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Specialised Paediatric Emergency services are available round-the-clock in the Paediatric
Emergency Room. It is situated in proximity to the PICU and Children’s Ward, providing life-
saving services under one roof.

The first of its kind in the country, the centre is devoted to diagnostic and therapeutic services
for all kinds of developmental and behavioural disorders under one roof, with an interdisciplinary
team approach.

Various facilities at the centre include: IQ and behavioural testing, hearing assessment, speech
therapy, occupational therapy, sensory integration and physiotherapy. The focus of all work
done at the centre is enabling each child to achieve his/her potential. Early detection and
intervention are important steps in this direction.

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This is a special follow-up clinic for ‘graduates’ of NICU with emphasis on development and

The special ‘BIG EARS’ project is the first of its kind in India with a focus on early detection,
diagnosis and therapy of hearing loss.

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